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Who is eGTSA?

eGTSA s.a. was founded in 2006 and it has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is linked to the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association ( and comprised of over 70 specialized commodity Trading and Financial institutions. eGTSA Operations, support and software development resources are located in Geneva and Luxembourg and the IT infrastructure in Lausanne, Switzerland.

eGTSA benefits from the ability to have access to resources and expertise drawn from major trade finance banks ensuring a strategic road map for further grouped banking services to multiple banks on a common platform.

Why was eGTSA created?

The banks have pooled their experience and skills to create a unique instrument that permits trade finance transactions to be executed promptly, precisely and in total security.

The idea for the Multi-Bank Platform was inspired by the growing need to standardize exchanges between banks and traders. Both groups knew that it vastly facilitates operations for all parties to communicate through the same channels.

Operational pressures on companies are such that internal workflows in companies can be vastly improved by moving to process driven electronic platforms such as this, and away from traditional fax, telex and unsecured email based methodologies.

What is eGTSA’s history?

In 2008, leading Trade Finance banks, combined their knowledge and expertise to develop the eGTSA Platform, that would permit traders and banks to harmonize, secure and automate the exchange of commodity trade related financial instruments.

By the industry, for the industry, major banks BCGE, BCP, BNPP, CA and ING agreed to unite their skills to create a common data standard for the exchange of financial documents with their clients. They were joined in 2010 by Société Générale.

Today that is rendered possible through the TRAFEC (Trade and Finance Exchange Console) whereby customers can log into on application and manage multiple bank relationships and dialogues for trade related transactions all summarized in one dashboard.

TRAFEC unites and offers the best practices in the industry.

Are all messages available to all banks?

eGTSA handles all the client information and subscription processes.

Each bank you are willing to work with is informed of your intent and will handle their own individual on boarding process.

If you are subscribed to multiple banks within TRAFEC, each bank can only see messages you have sent to them, specifically.

Banks cannot see any exchanges that you have with other banks. As matter of fact, each individual bank cannot find out which other banks you are subscribed too, unless you inform them of this information yourselves.

Can eGTSA see the messages and their content?

eGTSA cannot view the content of any messages sent by corporates and banks as they are encrypted end to end.

How is eGTSA handling data?

In order to respect and to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR :, which came into effect on May 25th 2018 you will find in our policy page all the information regarding our data processes.

Among other information, you will find details on the type of information we collect and how we use and/or share it.



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